None of our plans require contracts or credit checks! These are month to month plans and each payment prepays your next 30 days. Simply subscribe to one of our plans with a router.



Get internet wherever you are without getting throttled. No more data caps! No more overages! All of our plans include unlimited high speed data for internet usage like streaming music and movies, surfing the web or gaming all night.

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Each of our plans are part of a vast network, which covers most of America. We offer plans that will provide you with a hotspot or you can purchase your own. No need to worry about scams or companies selling black market data on thirdparty sites.


Our subscribers get direct access to any of our towers around the country. We also offer phone boosters and antennas to amplify and strengthen cell service.


Each of our plans allow hotspots and routers to streamlessly connect to nearby towers, providing the device with LTE data connection. 


The devices broadcast a high-speed signal throughout all your home and office devices, such as laptops, computer towers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and much more.


No Data Limits. No Throttling.

No Contracts. No Credit Checks.

Unlimited Phone Data Is Not

Unlimited Home Data.

The "unlimited" phone plans that carriers offer are ONLY "unlimited" for data used on the phone and are slowed down after 22gb are used on the phone. These plans also only allow 10-15gb usage of hotspot and tethering (the ability to use the phone’s data with other WiFi devices such as a computers, tablets, etc.) per month. Our hotspot and router plans are specifically designed to broadcast TRULY UNLIMITED WiFi for every connected device in your home or office including laptops, desktops, smart TVs, gaming consoles and other WiFi connected devices.

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Tammy A.

This is awesome so far! Only took about 20 mins to get it going. Flat rate with no extra charges and now we have unlimited high speed internet. We average about 30 mbs download speeds which is plenty fast for almost any streaming or data intensive activity. In our rural location the options were very limited and I think we finally found a good one here!

Jenny R.

The service is awesome! There is no throttling so far. The customer service is great. Very quick response. Compared to a lot of other data plan deals, this is the most reasonable. Simply because you don’t get stuck with those weird charges. The price is straight forward. I sent the details of my device and SIM card, in minutes, I was up and running. The shipping was quite fast. I did not have to wait long. I stay in a rural area. I’ve noticed that AT&T and T-Mobile have the best service fir those kind of areas.

Scott C.

I just received the modem, the setup was very easy and easily explained. The internet service is ridiculously fast for mobile internet let alone really many providers. I am out in the country with limited cell service and am getting great WiFi.





Get Unlimited provides families around the country with fast, reliable internet that is truly unlimited and uncapped. Initially, the business plan was to offer customers mobile hotspots with unlimited data that could be used for vacationing, camping, or traveling for business. We quickly realized that doing things this way did not supply households in rural American with adequate Wi-Fi. So, we started to focus more on offering these families reliable internet. Now, Get Unlimited provides internet to more than 20,000 people every day.


Get Unlimited is committed to serving American with unlimited and uncapped data at an affordable price. We strive to fulfill a critical role in the data industry by offering reliable internet plans to people across the country. We accomplish this vision by keeping pace with changing technological advancements. We envision our customers’ needs even before they do and foster early adoption of advanced networking technologies. By providing leading-edge innovation, we empower our customers to create their own paths to success and improve their lives and the lives of those they serve.


Get Unlimited strives to bring leading-edge internet technology to our customers. By ranking Get Unlimited as one of the country's technology leaders, we ensure our customers are at the forefront of innovation and have access to technology that meets their needs. We encourage our customers to embrace new technology and we want to show them how they can empower their life through technology advancements.


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